SpaceX is a space payload delivery and satellite internet company.

Here are key stats for the business…

  • Developer of first reusable space rocket (see 44 second video here)
  • 60 successful launches in 2022 (no errors, next closest competitor launched 51)
  • 3,300 of 12,000 satellites launched for satellite internet services to service 2.5 billion+ people without internet service (see
  • $137 billion market cap as of Dec 2022 (#58 in S&P 500 if publicly traded, between AT&T and Qualcomm)
  • $4.6b in 2022 revenue

We like the current entry point into SpaceX stock for the following reasons…

  1. Starlink, the company’s satellite internet business, is estimated to generate an additional $30 billion+ in annual revenue for the business. There are rumors that SpaceX will spin-out Starlink and IPO the business.
  2. SpaceX’s new rocket, Starship, is set to come online soon and has 3x+ the payload capacity of SpaceX’s current rocket (Falcon 9). This increased payload capacity will accelerate SpaceX’s market share gain from corporates and governments in the near to medium term.
  3. SpaceX’s superior technology and business moat has positioned it to capitalize on future monopoly opportunities like space manufacturing, space mining, and space travel.

5 year projected valuation…

  • We estimate revenue to be $19.6b in 5 years (2028)
  • This assumes (1) a 10% year over year increase in rocket launches baselined to SpaceX’s 2023 launch forecast of 100 and (2) a conservative 1.0m new Starlink subscribers per year
  • SpaceX currently has a 29.8 revenue multiple that puts valuation at $584b in Dec 2028, a 3.17x gaiWe

AG Dillon – Pre-IPO Funds

AG Dillon & Co is venture capital asset manager offering passive, defined term pre-IPO stock funds.

Our goal is to…

  • Provide pre-IPO stock market access to individual
  • Execute trades at the best price with the best counterparty
  • Return capital – and potential gains – as quickly as possible.

AG Dillon & Co currently offers three funds…

  1. AG Dillon Top 15 Pre-IPO Equity Fund
  2. AG Dillon SpaceX Pre-IPO Stock Fund
  3. AG Dillon OpenAI Pre-IPO Stock Fund

Investment Strategy

  • Pre-IPO stocks
  • Late stage venture backed companies (private market “large caps”)
  • Passive / index-tracking
  • Equally weighted
  • 5yr defined term
  • 15 holdings
  • Buy, hold, immediately distribute

Stock Access

  • Secondary shares through institutional traders 
  • Institutional traders: Forge Global, Zanbato, Nasdaq Private Markets, Goldman Sachs, Sharenett


  • Immediate after IPO or acquisition.
  • If 5 year term expires and a pre-IPO company has not had a liquidity event that company’s shares will be sold in the secondary market and proceeds immediately distributed to LPs.


  • The index consists of quarterly vintages which are not rebalanced or reconstituted
  • Private company valuations are based on material funding rounds led by venture capital firms.
  • Secondary market transactions are not considered.
  • Vintage calculation process
    • Private companies must be included in Pitchbook
    • Developed market companies only
    • Backed by venture capital funds
    • Raised capital in the last 24 months to qualify for inclusion in the index
    • Negative news screen for company; fraud/crime issues, regulatory issues
    • 15 largest companies selected by post-money valuation



  • 0.60% management fee*
  • 10% carried interest

*Charged one-time upfront for full 5-year term


  • Up to 5.00% broker commission (Forge, Zanbato, Nasdaq PM, etc)
  • Fund administration by Nav Consulting
  • Legal expenses by Morgan Lewis
  • Variable fees for wire and blue sky filing

Meet the Team


Dana Cornell

Dana Cornell is a Certified Investment Management Analyst and Certified Financial Planner, who’s passion is to take the uncertainty out of investing and provide consistent returns his clients can count on.

Dana has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, and Cornell Capital was born out of a need recognized to truly create consistent, predictable income and wealth creation.

  • Forbes Recognized 2021 Best in State Financial Advisor
  • #1 Best Selling Author
  • Creator of the “Reverse Financial Plan”
  • Former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley
  • 3x Named Forbes America’s Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisors
  • Licenses Held:
    • Series 7
    • Series 63

Aaron Dillon

AG Dillon & Co
Managing Director

Dillon’s pre-IPO stock experience

  • 5,500%+ realized return on SoFi pre-IPO stock investment
  • 4,000%+ unrealized return on KraneShares ETFs pre-IPO stock investment
  • 10 other pre-IPO stock investments including SilkFAW (,, Callin (, Kinly (, Paga
  • Assisted 40+ fintech challenger banks launch online bank account offerings, assisted with seed capital raising (SoFi/Galileo,

Dillon’s fund management and passive investing experience

  • Co-founded KraneShares ETFs and ran day-to-day operations for SEC 1940 Act funds
  • Head of wealth management division at FTSE Russell Indices and constructed indices for ETFs, direct indexing, and passive SMAs

Dillon’s regulatory and RIA/IBD servicing experience

  • Managed investment product platforms at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and TD Ameritrade and ensured
    compliance with SEC and Finra regulation while understanding and meeting financial advisor needs.

Dillon’s companies and roles – see LinkedIn bio for more:

  • SoFi – Managing Director – Wealth Management, Galileo division
  • London Stock Exchange / FTSE Russell Indexes – Managing Director, US Wealth Mgmt
  • KraneShares ETFs – Co-founder, Managing Director
  • TD Ameritrade – Director, Head of Mutual Fund & ETFs
  • Morgan Stanley Wealth Management – VP, Investment Products & Managed Accounts

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No member of the AG Dillon & Co nor their respective directors, officers, employees, partners or licensors make any claim, prediction, warranty or representation whatsoever, expressly or impliedly, either as to the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, merchantability of any information or of results to be obtained from the use of the AG Dillon & Co Index Products or the fitness or suitability of the AG Dillon & Co Index Products for any particular purpose to which they might be put. Any representation of historical data accessible through AG Dillon & Co Index Products is provided for information purposes only and is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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